China is a beatiful country, there are a lot of Scenic spots, such as Huangshan. Chinese Travel to Huangshan, you will be enjoying in the natural beauty.The craggy rock faces, hanging mists and clustered pines of Huang Shan, the "Yellow Mountains," create a lovely and distinctly Chinese landscape, one instantly recognizable from countless images on silk, paper and porcelain. The mountain range, consisting of some 70 peaks over 1,000 m (3,300 ft), spills across the southern province of Anhui in an exquisite jumble of scenic highlights—twisted lone pines clinging to stony spires, seas of clouds filling rugged valleys and crystalline, mountain spring-fed pools.

Depending on your stamina and tolerance for crowds, there are several ways to tackle Huang Shan. Three cable car lines connect peaks also linked by well maintained trails. It can take a lot of walking to escape the throngs of tourists, but it can be done. Regardless, Huang Shan's natural scenery, punctuated by classical temples and pavilions, is virtually guaranteed to be a major high point of any tour of China.

Although strenuous, hiking is not a backwoods experience by any stretch: Foot paths along are generally paved with stone steps, all hand-laid over the centuries. In the more trafficked areas, the trails are often lined with vendors selling water, ice cream and souvenirs; you'll also find plenty of shaded areas to stop and rest. Take the hike slowly (the humidity combined with altitude can sneak up on the hardiest hiker) and remember to drink lots of water.